How to release an independent album

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If you want to release an album with success, you should have a plan. A lot goes into an album release. Copyright, marketing, promotion, release party and press releases are some of the things you have to worry about along the way. This short guide gives you a quick run down on some of the steps you should take to make sure you release your album correctly.

It includes a simple example of a business plan for record labels, an example of how a musicians bio should look, an example of a "one sheet" that distributors will need to consider selling your albums and more.

Over 2,800 words are in this quick reference guide. Viewable as a PDF on your computer, iPad and Kindle or Nook device for your pleasure. You can also print it.

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*Major and Indie film production contacts
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*In the USA and overseas
*A list of new movies currently in pre-production along with contact info
*Over 85 film production company contact numbers

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Release Your Own Music: A Step By Step Guide:
This wonderful book teaches you how to release your own music. Everything from recording to the release party. Perfect for independent musicians. Includes a sample music business plan, bio, and one sheet. Do not pass this up!

Understanding Music Publishing:
This wonderful book will teach you the basics on how music publishing works, ways to make money with music publishing, how to start a publishing company, and more.
Included is an example of a music publishing contract.

Your Music In Film:
This book has all the contacts you need.
*Major and Indie film production contacts
*Lists film production company name, website, phone number and email when available
*In the USA and overseas
*Over 85 film production company contact numbers 

Music Business Contracts:
Dealing with other artists, record labels, managers, and clubs is a situation where you should have a contract ready. This will ensure good business on both ends of the agreement. Of course having a good entertainment lawyer is a must too. Yet, many indie artists will draw up their own contracts for simple deals.
In this package download, we provide you with the following contract templates:
Artist/Producer Contract
Artist/Management Contract
Booking Contract
Event Sponsorship Contract
Producer Contract
Publishing Contract
Publisher/Royalty Contract
Record Company/Producer Contract
Recording Contract
Songwriter Contract
Recording Studio Time/Charge Contract
TV/Film Sync Contract

Producer Sound Effects Pack
Sound effects are an important part of recording in music, movies, games, and more. It is nice to have them on hand for whenever you need a specific sound to use in a recording. This is perfect for producers who need sound effects for use in songs, skits and more. This is a must have effects pack.
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