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Learn all you can about the music business!
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Release Your Own Music: A Step By Step Guide:
This wonderful book teaches you how to release your own music. Everything from recording to the release party. Perfect for independent musicians. Includes a sample music business plan, bio, and one sheet. Do not pass this up!

Understanding Music Publishing:
This wonderful book will teach you the basics on how music publishing works, ways to make money with music publishing, how to start a publishing company, and more.
Included is an example of a music publishing contract.

Your Music In Film:
This book has all the contacts you need.
*Major and Indie film production contacts
*Lists film production company name, website, phone number and email when available
*In the USA and overseas
*Over 85 film production company contact numbers 

Music Business Contracts:
Dealing with other artists, record labels, managers, and clubs is a situation where you should have a contract ready. This will ensure good business on both ends of the agreement. Of course having a good entertainment lawyer is a must too. Yet, many indie artists will draw up their own contracts for simple deals.
In this package download, we provide you with the following contract templates:
Artist/Producer Contract
Artist/Management Contract
Booking Contract
Event Sponsorship Contract
Producer Contract
Publishing Contract
Publisher/Royalty Contract
Record Company/Producer Contract
Recording Contract
Songwriter Contract
Recording Studio Time/Charge Contract
TV/Film Sync Contract

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